Staffing Solutions

Event Logistics Management understands the importance of providing a seamless plan to get our passengers from Point A to Point B. In order to do that, our operations team deploys a team of staff for each shuttle load zone, shuttle drop zone, shuttle pass ticket check zone, and passenger queuing lines. We also provide staff to assist with parking and traffic needs at each venue location.

Our customized staffing plans ensure that guests and vehicles understand where to go and how to get there. Our team of professional staff understands the importance of providing quality service to the passengers and is proficient and knowledgeable of each event. In using our certified staff we ensure that we track the vehicles, the ridership, and the traffic/pedestrian flow during ingress and egress.

Staffing Solutions Include

  • Load Zone Staff
  • Bus Loaders
  • VIP tour guides
  • Human arrows
  • Traffic Control
  • Parking Lot Staff
  • Valet Staff
  • Vehicle Maintenance staff
  • Ambassadors / Volunteer Staff
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