Affiliate Program

Team up with one of the top event transportation logistics providers in the nation to earn additional revenue. Leverage some of the world’s most renowned major events to expose your brand and fleet inventory to attract new clients.

What Can You Expect?

  • Maximize profit and fleet utilization
  • Access to regional and local charter opportunities
  • Gain exposure of your brand at high capacity events

Interested in becoming an affiliate ground transportation partner? Contact us at

Take advantage of ELM’s professional services

Event Logistics Management will partner with you on your transportation bids and RFP’s to allow for a more robust submission. We specialize in equipment management and professional logistic management services to make optimal use of your inventory.

  • Transportation bid & RFP Consultation
  • Partner with a dedicated and experience equipment management team

Contact us with bid opportunities that require more than you can provide or a wider range of logistics services. We will respond to the opportunity and guarantee your participation when we book the event!

For bid or event RFP consultations and support, please submit here.

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