About Us

Event Logistics Management prides itself in offering a comprehensive transportation solution to our clients which includes; event and ground transportation management, knowledge of the industry, countless experience from a wide range of events, strong national relationships and budget conscious solutions that allow our clients to focus their resources on other event production tasks. From beginning to end, our team embeds ourselves within the culture and fabric of our clientele throughout each stage of the events we manage. From pre-planning, site visits, budget forecasting onsite management, you will find our services all encompassing, efficient, fast, and cost effective.

Comprehensive Insurance

Event Logistics Management carries the largest private Business Automobile Liability Insurance – Coverage or bodily injury and property damage liability, Combined Commercial Umbrella Insurance in an amount that will bring total coverage to $35,000,000 per occurrence and annual aggregate.

FTA 49 Compliance

Event Logistics Management has a license to procure Federal Transit Agency subsidized vehicles in any city we operate in. We are registered under Title 49 provision 604 of the FTA, which allows our company to rental contracts. Since the FTA strictly monitors all privatized charter requests, necessary credentials are required to engage in chartering federally subsidized transit vehicles. Our ability to engage in these types or operations affords us a unique ability to fulfill vehicle needs for larger events.

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